Order Submission body

The body of the POST method of both client and candidate entry orders, a JSON string needs to be provided:

  1. contains details about the candidate who is the subject of the order
  2. checks required to be run against the candidate

A JSON definition can also be downloaded from the API tab if you've been granted access.

Unique Key

To ensure posting an order cannot be duplicated, a unique key needs to be provided which is a GUID value. The system will ensure that any previous GUID has not been used and if this condition passes, the order will be processed.

    "UniqueKey": "c1afb319-55c1-49d2-bf02-56734c81a889",

Check Section

This is the area where you can add checks required for the order.

For candidate entry orders, the check name and quantity is needed. For client entry orders, more data might be required to allow Verifile process the order. In both cases, please see corresponding check definition documents.

    "CheckGroups": [
        "Quantity": 1,
        "CheckTypeId": "AcademicWorldwide"

Candidate Section

The candidate section of the order submission body contains fields relating to the candidate.

For a client entry order, fields become mandatory depending on the checks that are added to the order. For example if the order just contains a UK driving license check requires just the current address of the candidate, whereas if a UK credit check is in the order, then the requirement is an address history of 6 years.

Please refer to the corresponding check definition documents to see which fields are mandatory.

    "Candidate": {
      "CurrentName": {
        "FirstName": "Amy",
        "LastName": "Amyson"
      "PersonalInfo": {
        "DateOfBirth": "1990-01-01",
        "ApplicantType": "Candidate",
        "CandidateEmail": "api@verifile.co.uk"


A package is a preselected collection of checks. This is organised with your Verifile account manager. The API provides endpoints where you can view available packages and the checks that it contains.

    "Package":"Level A"