Address List

The address list is an array of candidate address objects.

Field Name Description Type Min Max Mandatory Value Set
Address The candidate's address fields Address Yes
Address.FlatNumber The flat number String Yes*
Address.HouseNumber The house number String Yes*
Address.HouseName The house name String Yes*
IsCurrentAddress Indicates if it is the candidate's current address Boolean Yes
DateMovedToThisAddress The date that the candidate moved to this address String (date) Yes
DateLeftThisAddress The date that the candidate left this address String (date) Yes, if IsCurrentAddress is false

* At least one must be supplied

Address List example

An example address list

"AddressList": [
    "Address": {
      "BusinessName": "The Business",
      "FlatNumber": "6b",
      "HouseNumber": "999",
      "HouseName": "House View",
      "StreetName": "Gold Furlong",
      "Locality": "Marston Moretaine",
      "Town": "Bedford",
      "County": "Bedfordshire",
      "State": "England",
      "Postcode": "MK43 0EG",
      "Country": "GB"
    "DateMovedToThisAddress": "2014-05-05",
    "DateLeftThisAddress": null,
    "IsCurrentAddress": true