Current Name

The Current Name object is mandatory in all order posted to the Verifile API, however the fields that are mandatory differ between client and candidate entry orders.

Field Name Description Type Min Max Client Entry Candidate Entry Value Set
Title The candidate's title String Mandatory Allowed titles
FirstName The candidate's first name String (name) 2 60 Mandatory Mandatory
Middle Names The candidate's middle names String (name) 2 60 Allowed Allowed
IsFromBirth Indicates whether this name has been the candidate's current name since birth Boolean Mandatory Not allowed
KnownFromDate Indicates the date from which the candidate was known by this name String (date) Mandatory* Not allowed

* Only mandatory if IsFromBirth is false

Client Entry

A example Current Name for a client entry order

"CurrentName": {
  "Title": "Mr",
  "FirstName": "John",
  "MiddleNames": "Alan",
  "LastName": "Smith",
  "IsFromBirth": true,
  "KnownFromDate":  null

Candidate Entry

A example Current Name for a candidate entry order

"CurrentName": {
  "Title": "Mr",
  "FirstName": "John",
  "MiddleNames": "D'Michael",
  "LastName": "Smith"