The Identity section of candidate order contains the candidate's information about the candidate's identity documents.

The identity section can only be supplied for client entry orders.

Identity fields

Field Name Description Type Min Max Mandatory Value Set
PassportDocument PassportDocument No
PassportDocument.PassportIssuingCountry The country that issued the candidate's passport String Yes country
PassportDocument.PassportNumber The passport number String 1* 11* Yes
PassportDocument.PassportIssueDate The date the candidate was issued with their passport String (date) No
PassportDocument.PassportExpiryDate The date the candidate's passport is due to expire String (date) No
DrivingDocument DrivingDocument No
DrivingDocument.DriverLicenseType The candidate's type of licence String Yes licencetype
DrivingDocument.DriverLicenseIssuingCountry The country that issued the candidate's driving licence String Yes country
DrivingDocument.DriverLicenseNumber The driving licence number String 1** 50** Yes** country
DrivingDocument.DriverLicenseDate The date the candidate's driving licence was issued String (date) Yes
NationalInsuranceNumberDocument NationalInsuranceNumberDocument No
NationalInsuranceNumberDocument.NationalInsuranceNumber The candidate's national insurance number document number String 8 9 No
NationalInsuranceNumberDocument.OverseasIdentityNumber OverseasIdentityNumber No
NationalInsuranceNumberDocument.OverseasIdentityNumber.IssuingCountry The candidate's identity card issuing country String No country
NationalInsuranceNumberDocument.OverseasIdentityNumber.IdentityNumber The identity number of the candidate's identity number String*** 1 97 No

* If the issuing country is the UK the passport number must be 9 digits (0-9). If the issuing country is other than they UK the passport number can be 1-11 characters long and consist of any of the following:

  • Alphabetic characters
  • Numeric characters
  • Hyphen
  • Forward slash
  • Single quote
  • Ampersand
  • Left parenthesis
  • Right parenthesis

** If the issuing country is the UK the driving licence number must be valid using the candidate’s current name and date of birth1. If the country is not the UK the driving licence number is optional and may be up to 50 characters. If not provided the default value is an empty string.

*** May contain:

  • Characters of A-Za-z
  • Characters of 0-9
  • Hyphen
  • Period

**** A UK driving license is validated again the rules DVLA use to create these driving license numbers

  • Each licence holder in England, Scotland and Wales has a unique driver number, which is 16 characters long. The characters are constructed in the following way:
    • 1–5: The first five characters of the surname (padded with 9s if less than 5 characters)
    • 6: The decade digit from the year of birth (e.g. for 1987 it would be 8)
    • 7–8: The month of birth (7th character incremented by 5 if driver is female i.e. 51–62 instead of 01–12)
    • 9–10: The date within the month of birth
    • 11: The year digit from the year of birth (e.g. for 1987 it would be 7)
    • 12–13: The first two initials of the first names, padded with a 9 if no middle name
    • 14: Arbitrary digit – usually 9, but decremented to differentiate drivers with the first 13 characters in common
    • 15–16: Two computer check digits.
    • 17–18: Appended, two digits representing the licence issue, which increases by 1 for each licence issued. (*Optional)

  • Identity example

    An example identity section

    "Identity": {
      "PassportDocument": {
        "PassportIssuingCountry": "123456789",
        "PassportNumber": "GB",
        "PassportIssueDate": "2014-01-01",
        "PassportExpiryDate": "2023-12-31"
      "DrivingDocument": {
        "DriverLicenseType": "Photo",
        "DriverLicenseIssuingCountry": "GB",
        "DriverLicenseNumber": "Smith608292JA9UC",
        "DriverLicenseDate": "1978-12-29"
      "NationalInsuranceNumberDocument": {
        "OverseasIdentityNumber": {
          "IssuingCountry": null,
          "IdentityNumber": null
        "NationalInsuranceNumber": "JR123456A"