Generic Address

A Generic Address object is used extensively in the Verifile API to standardise the input format for addresses for people or businesses. An example of this is the candidate's address, referees, previous employers, etc.

Generic Address fields

Field Name Description Type Min Max Mandatory Value Set
PoBoxNumber A string indicating the PO Box number of the address String 1 250 No*
BusinessName A string indicating the business name at the address. This can be present in a residential address String 1 250 No
FlatNumber A string indicating the flat String 1 50 Yes
HouseNumber A string indicating the house number String 1 50 Yes
HouseName A string indicating the house name String 1 60 Yes
StreetName A string indicating the street name String 1 60 Yes
Locality A string representing an area String 1 50 No
Town A string with the name of the postal town String 1 50 Yes
County A string with the name of the county (or sub-province) String 1 50 No
State A string with the name of the state or province String 1 30 No
Postcode A string representing the postal code String 1 50 Yes
Country The country the address is in String Yes** country

* This is not available for all instances of the address object

** Conditional, based on the check

Address example

An example of a generic address object taken from a candidate's address list example.
"Address": {
  "PoBoxNumber": "PO Box 789",
  "BusinessName": "My Business",
  "FlatNumber": "6b",
  "HouseNumber": "999",
  "HouseName": "House View",
  "StreetName": "Gold Furlong",
  "Locality": "Marston Moretaine",
  "Town": "Bedford",
  "County": "Bedfordshire",
  "State": "England",
  "Postcode": "MK43 0EG",
  "Country": "GB"