To use the Verifile API you will need to register on the Verifile API portal. This will initiate the process to activate your subscription and get the subscription keys (Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key) and the VerifileUserId required to successfully call the API methods.

Sign up to the Verifile API

  1. Fill out your details in the sign up screen and click on the Sign up button
  2. You will then be sent an email with link to confirm you control the email account
  3. The link will take you to your new profile page.

Authentication Process

Once you have signed up we will complete our part of the Registration process. We will confirm by email that your subscription is active and send you VerifileUserId Parent (and if required VerifileParentOrganisationId) that you can use to raise new orders.

Once you receive this email, log in and go to the Profile section of the portal, here you can see your subscription keys.

Subscription Key Example
  • There are two keys, a primary and secondary, either key will authorise your API call. The secondary key can be used while changing the primary key, and vice versa.
  • If for any reason your need to change these keys, you can regenerate them in the subscriptions page of the portal.

If you go to the APIs tab, you will be able to see the APIs available to you

API Document Example

Now you have been authorised to access the Verifile API and have the subscription key (Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key) which you will use to make API calls. See section below for more details on how to construct API calls and a suggested workflow.


In this developer portal you are able to see the API environments that are available to you via the API link in the menu bar above.

Sandbox[your company’s name]/

Initially you will be given access to the Sandbox API. This test environment can be used while you are building your application. Any orders created against the Sandbox API will not be invoiced nor will they be passed on to our teams for processing. The values provided for VerifileUserId are separate for each environment.


Once development of your appication, contact us and you'll be asked to complete mandatory testing from Verifile. If this passes, then we will provide access to the Live system.

  • Download the API definition using the button API definition button
  • Use the API method through the broswer using the Try it button: Try it button
  • See the request and response definitions
  • See some code examples

Prices of checks are available on request.